The Main Causes of Child Obesity in Australia

The Main Causes of Child Obesity in Australia

There are two common causes for child obesity in Australia, namely an improper diet and lack of exercise. Children who sit most of the time during the day and consume more calories than they burn will gain weight, period. This weight gain can easily cause child obesity if it is allowed to continue without a corresponding amount of exercise. Since there are so many more opportunities for children to play games, which are normally stationary like video games or computer games, inside, children are not getting as much exercise as children were able to get in earlier years. Today, children have to have more scheduled exercise activities in their lives, such as organized sports, so that they burn enough calories during the day compared to what they eat. In earlier times, there were not the draws of technology to keep children indoors, so outdoor activities were more common giving children the exercise they needed as well as keeping them out of the house where food is readily available.

The Problem of Child Obesity in Australia

There are other causes of child obesity in Australia other than lack of exercise and over eating. Some children have hormonal imbalances which can cause their metabolism to decrease making it easy to gain weight. In other cases, there are genetic causes that predisposes children to become overweight. There are also some diseases and syndromes that can cause child obesity in Australia such as Prader-Willi syndrome or Cushing''s syndrome. However, these causes of child obesity in Australia creates a very small percentage of obese children. Over eating and lack of exercise are the main causes of childhood obesity.

The Solutions to Child Obesity in Australia

The prevention of child obesity in Australia includes the entire family''s participation.

First, if a child is gaining weight quickly, the child should be taken to the doctor to make sure the cause is not a hormonal imbalance or other more serious issue. If it is not, then a proper diet and exercise plan can be decided upon. Every child should be taken for a well child visit each year to make sure that they are growing and gaining weight appropriately.

Second, parents should set a good example in their eating habits for their children so that children are exposed to nutritious snacks and meals which will not as easily cause child obesity in Australia.

Finally, family activities should be planned that are physical so that the child becomes accustomed to physical activity as a way of life. As the child gets older, they can also start to participate in a parent''s exercise plan which is fun for the entire family.

Understand that child obesity in Australia is spiraling out of control just like it is in all the advanced countries. The Australian government will try to regulate our lifestyle in order to turn the child obesity in Australia problem but unless individual families take responsibility to curb the obesity tide it will continue to grow.

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